Each player according to their own quality, technical level and style of play, there will be a most suitable for their own line pounds, the best line pounds, refers to each person for their own racket when threading, feel the best, The number of pounds to play their own power hit the ball. In general, the beginner's "best threading pounds" in 20-24 pounds, business players in 22-28 pounds, while the professional players mostly in 28 pounds or more.
The experiment found that a specific badminton line, in a variety of swing speed, different threading pounds to get the line of the rebound curve is not the same, so different batting speed players, only to find the most suitable for their own pound pounds , In order to make the most effective use of the ball rebound
TBO badminton rackets: refers to a particular group of players for the stringing of pounds, so they can find the best parameters to produce bats bally effect, then designed according to such parameters, racket is "set pound shot." ADIBO R & D team , Co-Chetrainer of Chinese Taipei, Taipei Physical Education College Institute of sports equipment, the use of professional equipment, the subjects have been based on their threading pound grouping works best with this group of players, the impact force of bat parameters, tens of thousands Of people after the test according to final data of the experiment, each designed for different players rackets pounds, the ADIBO "set-pound-shot" series.
ADIBO first generation of intelligent badminton racket, is the racket handle at the addition of smart chips, through high-speed sports capture technology to record all the data when playing swing, including the speed of batting, strength, and through intelligent movement analysis system, Curve, so that athletes can clearly see their own force curve and play type, to help enhance the game, and to prevent the occurrence of sports injuries.
ADIBO second generation of intelligent badminton racket iBat5, through the six-axis motion processing technology, record the swing when playing speed, so you can see their own action to improve the speed after the upgrade, to help you upgrade the game, but also record the movement of the game Time, calorie consumption, to help you specify the best moving target; racket with embedded integrated design, the sensor implanted racket handle, by adjusting the weight and balance, the racket feel and professional racket feel exactly the same
The use of high-quality carbon fiber racket has a higher strength and rigidity, can withstand a higher cable line, and can reduce the frame deformation.
The use of ultra-rigid carbon fiber racket has a higher strength and rigidity, can withstand a higher number of pounds, and can reduce the frame changes.
Greatly enhance the racket's mild and durable, so that the racket's longer life. Using multi-layer carbon yarn, according to the different angles of carbon yarn toughness and force distribution, multi-angle reinforcement and layout of multi-layer reinforcement.
The use of rigid carbon fiber racket has a stronger combat strength, can withstand higher strength, through the continuous three-dimensional weaving technology to eliminate the body seam, to reach the traditional material can not match the curvature of the racket will not produce any folds, The structure is seamless and durable.
40T high modulus carbon fiber: is a high-density carbon fiber: high-density carbon fiber, the density is twice the ordinary carbon fiber, enhanced bending strength, toughness and torque index, effectively enhance the control of 28% Sex.
Lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber, you can control the weight of the racket while maintaining the strength and pull the frame, so that the racket in the high-pound under the variable line.
Carbon fiber weaving technology, aviation grade braided material, high modulus coefficient fiber and nano epoxy resin woven at 90% angle, so that every angle of the racket force can achieve a balanced, structural stability more perfect.
Using ultra-rigid carbon yarn, Seiko to create a substantial increase in racket strength, while the racket weight control properly.
30T high rigidity carbon fiber: is lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber, you can control the weight of the racket while maintaining the strength and pull the frame, so that the ball in the high-pound under the same type of tension.
Using ultra-rigid carbon yarn, Seiko to create a substantial increase in racket strength, while the racket weight control properly.
The use of high quality, high strength carbon fiber, to ensure that the racket strength, while pulling the racket as much as possible to reduce the weight, ultra-light racket to the user to bring faster response speed, more sharp feel.
The latest high-intelligence materials, with excellent toughness, flexibility and wrapping, can provide better instant recovery support for carbon fiber, so that the racket to produce a more powerful batting power and enhance the user's response to the racket, Effectively improve the sense of racket control.
Layer network intertwined technology, can greatly enhance the racket strength and toughness, so that control increased by 30%, extraordinary handling, into the attack, retreat to keep.
Make the racket lighter weight, the pole is more tough, swing more stable, can be more easily get faster speed and power.
Nobel certainly, the strongest in the history of material! Graphene is a carbon hexagonal lattice film, both the world's thinnest, the most tough and excellent features, only 1 gram of material can withstand 5 metric tons of weight. Graphene and carbon fiber composite, strengthen the badminton racket material, make the racket lighter, more solid, to bring revolutionary changes. Technical application: graphene reinforced, multi-layer graphene.
Breaking the traditional process, the physical characteristics of the two different polymers combine to create a new material cohesive coexistence.
The use of biaxial X-shaped continuous intertwined way, so that the carbon fiber more tightly stacked, forming a strong continuous tension net, and can improve the rigidity of the tube and the tube in the anti-torque.
The use of nano-grade resin material to add technology, Nano particles can be evenly distributed in the gap between the carbon fiber bundles, carbon fiber composite material to increase the overall rigidity and strength, reduce the frame deformation.
Nano-technology, so that the racket in the combination of carbon fiber and resin "seamless" to reach an unprecedented level. More stable, more slender, more robust racket so that the intensity of combat followed by 2
Unique new material "nano-mesh resin + carbon nanotubes", used in the beat or beat box, can significantly enhance the racket's strength, flexibility and toughness.
Using nano-grade resin material, so that fine particles evenly penetrate the gap of carbon fiber to strengthen the structural strength of carbon fiber material, so that the frame can withstand greater tension.
Carbon yarn is made by hot melt technology, the resin distribution is more uniform, the carbon yarn of the variable flow smaller, so that the racket has a good feel.
Toughened carbon nanotubes are composed of tubular carbon molecular structure, hardness, but has a good flexibility, so by physicists called "super fiber"! Toughened carbon nanotubes technology has a very high toughness, can withstand a large degree of bending and produce a strong anti-force, the swing force fully into the batting energy, to strengthen the shot when the instantaneous force!
Using the original high-quality paint, bright and fine to better protect the internal structure, effectively extend the network life.
Professional high-quality wire hole can better protect the feather line, extend the service life of the feather line.
The use of advanced vacuum plating technology to enhance the racket brightness, bring dazzling appearance effect, increase the degree of beauty.
The use of extremely difficult double-sided painting technology, bringing an unexpected wonderful visual experience.
Using the lightest ultra-bright silver paint surface layer, while the handle with ultra-thin porous breathable hand glue, so that the racket weight greatly reduced.
Increase the area of sweet areas, the greater the sweet area can make the players play high-quality ball
The face of sharp spike, can expand the effective defense area, batting speed because of the expansion of the line bed area, the increase in surface rebound and significantly improved.
Deep in the frame and the beat at the end of the carbon fiber at the bottom of the built-in T-shaped connector, so that the racket really high-strength integration. So that the racket has a powerful power performance and precise control performance.
Effectively increase the power of batting. Through the frame in the empty structure of the charge, blocking the impact caused by hitting the harmful vibration.
The industry's first patented racket, 23% larger than the ordinary box-type sweet area, to help users capture every effective ball.
Ultra-small racket structure, 10% smaller than the traditional filming face, effectively enhance the swing speed, strengthen the racket sweet area of the explosive force.
Improve the swing speed and fast counterattack. The upper part of the box can reduce the swing air resistance beat the lower part of the box can increase the ball ability, so that the racket both offensive and defensive.
Using the world's original 80-hole threading mode, the face 2,5,7,10 points to switch to a line of a hole threading way to form a perfect rectangular threading mesh, not only to make the distribution of more uniform line, but also to improve the vertical and horizontal Mutual friction situation, effectively reduce the threading time.
A hole line threading way, can be decentralized when playing line grinding friction, and can improve the durability of the line, reducing the loss of threading pounds.
With low wind resistance, high-intensity frame structure and shape, through the mass measurement, to meet the requirements of different play.
More than 25% reduction in the overall racket section height, 5% reduction in the size of the ultra-fine high-strength frame, will produce a 30% reduction in the overall racket drag coefficient, while expanding the sweet area to play a good swing dexterity and speed The
Shock absorption capacity greatly enhanced, more smooth power transmission, batting force to all the release at the same time, more to reduce sports injuries.
1. To reduce the resistance, the batting force to be fully released. 2. With low wind resistance, high strength frame frame structure. 3. Meet the different requirements of the play.
So that the line and the border to reduce the friction to extend the life of the feather line, but also enhance the line and the border closely together to enhance the racket control ball performance.
All-round excellent design, improve the racket mechanics structure, creating more efficient attack and defense system.
10% smaller than the traditional film box, by narrowing the sweet area, to improve the tension of the face, reduce air resistance, greatly enhance the flexibility of the racket.
10% smaller than the traditional film box, by narrowing the sweet area, to improve the tension of the face, reduce air resistance, greatly enhance the flexibility of the racket.
Greatly improve the stability of the racket and firmness, to enhance the support of the racket high torque. Bring a solid feel calm.
To provide a strong wind support, and effectively enhance the strength of the box to enhance the accuracy of ball and hit the ball.
Racket hexagonal structure to provide large wind support, and effectively enhance the racket frame strength, to enhance the accuracy of ball and hit the ball.
Thinner than the average frame section 20%, effectively reduce the wind resistance effect, improve the racket swing speed.
Innovative use of diamond frame type, to create a stable structure such as diamonds, greatly enhanced the stability of the face, effectively reduce the wind resistance, greatly enhance the power of the batting.
"Industrial" font track technology, narrower than the average racquet slot 2mm, increase the entire frame by force the area, greatly enhance the intensity of the racket around the hole, bringing a higher number of pacers.
Derived from the characteristics of shark skin texture, can reduce the fluid resistance, the use of the box in the important four-point upwind parts, through the three-dimensional oval-shaped particles of the bump effect, can achieve gas flow and reduce the wind resistance, so swing faster and smart.
Frame section with diamond-shaped structure design, such as sharp sword like a sharp, can effectively reduce the swing air resistance to improve the ball dexterity.
Frame section with diamond-shaped structure, the integration of triangular and box-shaped structural characteristics, in addition to providing more stable surface stability, but also increased the power and ball control ball.
Unique trench structure design, storage athletes throw shot when the force, in the ball when the release release, to create the greatest destructive power.
The front edge of the racket uses the outer suspension wave to strengthen the structural design and the double-nail tightly to create the vertical line stabilization system, which can effectively reduce the loss of the shot line pounds, improve the stability of the film face, not only the line and the beat , Can also reduce the wear line wear, extend the line life.
The framed cross section is designed with an oval structure to effectively reduce the air resistance at the time of swing and to enhance the resistance to torque, bringing the speed of retreat to the agility and greatly improving the control of the racket.
Combined with cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, with the player measured data, the use of ergonomic principles continue to adjust the tube to achieve the best performance.
High-rigidity, ultra-fine tube, with a small diameter 7.0mm fine tube design, proved to be in their own weight, motion inertia and air mechanics to achieve a perfect balance. As the center of the power and technology output, the beat can be a strict and accurate response to the player's intention, in collaboration with high elasticity material, so that the swing is quick and agile. .
In the tube cavity using the inner cone structure, the racket's bending point to move closer to the head frame of the site, increase the process of jumping the head frame in the swing depth, to strengthen the power of deduction.
Break through the traditional hollow tube, the racket bending point on the move, so that the flexibility of the racket is higher, and improve the ball feel, so that the player's intention is more clear and complete expression.
Reduce air resistance and improve flexibility, designed for doubles players designed wide cone cover appropriate sharpening, in ensuring the control area under the premise of reducing the swing air resistance, but also to ensure adequate control of the network before the flexibility.
Using the latest soft material, grip feel more solid, both non-slip, sweat, comfort, effectively enhance the handling.
High quality metal selection, integration of cutting-edge visual elements, strong quality, laying unrestrained.