Unique three-dimensional weaving process, the fabric was fine hole, making the fabric with high elastic properties, suitable for outdoor sports wear needs.
Motion stretching freely 3D stereoscopic cutting design, unique three-dimensional structure, so that clothes wear more type, high elastic performance, in the movement to be able to stretch freely, shape and function of the perfect combination.
Unique double-sided woven fabrics, fabrics with ultra-light moisture, the rapid spread of the scientific and technological functions, greatly enhance the quick-drying clothes to meet the needs of outdoor sports.
Professional moisture absorption perspiration technology fresh and comfortable quick-drying t-shirt with moisture, perspiration, quick drying, is the natural principle of capillary into the textile development, the use of special high-profile cross-section structure of fiber or finishing method to produce a unique intelligence Wet and dry fabric, to ensure that the skin surface is always kept dry state, to your healthy life to bring a new sport to enjoy.
Easy free for the human skin breathing special needs, the fabric processing, so that in the hot environment, as soon as possible the heat distribution, wearing a very comfortable.